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Permanent Positions

Do you have a Privacy Policy?

Yes, a copy of this is obtainable from the company.  We pride ourselves in the fact that our people are held securely and confidentially on our database – we don’t sell any of the information that you give us and will under no circumstances be speaking to anyone in the company that you are presently employed with unless you expressly wish us to.

How do I register with you for work?

It’s simple – by sending your up-to-date CV our consultants who will review your details and give you a call by phone to register at our offices.  If you don’t have a CV already made up then use our CV Builder on our website or just give us a call and we will be happy to have a chat with you to see if we can help.   You also need to be at least eighteen years old to register.

How long will it take to register for work?

The process should take 15-30 minutes to complete.

Does it cost any money to register with our agency?

No – there is no cost to the candidate for recruitment services whether it is a temporary position or a permanent position.

What documentation do I need to bring with me when I register?

When you are registering with our company please bring in the following original document/s.   You cannot register without this and please adhere to the letter, as per the Goverment’s  Home Office Legislation.
• Passport  or ID Card

• A Full Birth Certificate (not abbreviated) and must include one parents details


• Proof of National Insurance either National Insurance card (when with Birth Certificate)

OR -  P45 (old or new)

OR -  P60 (old or new)

OR -  Letter from a Government Agency (job centre/dept. of Work & Pension etc.)

Why do I need to supply ID?

It is part of the governments requirements under the Home Office Regulations and the ID will prove that you have the right to work in the UK.

Can you get me a permanent job?

Yes, if you are in a permanent job right now then we will market your CV to the varied companies that we deal with.  After registration, our consultants will review your CV and discuss how to best market your details to the right company.  Once an interview has been arranged our Consultants will then help with that next step.  Once the placement has been accepted then we will charge the company a finder’s fee for our services – it does not cost you any money.
If you are not in a permanent job right now then we can help out in 2 ways – firstly with temporary work and secondly with permanent work.  We will put you forward for any temporary positions until we can secure you permanent work.  Temporary work can be useful to a candidate that is not working and we would never advise someone with a permanent position to apply for a temporary job.  All options would be discussed at the registration stage.

Temporary Candidates

When is my Pay received?

Payments are made by BACS system on a weekly basis and in arrears into your bank account.  You are required to have a bank account within the UK and if you wish to be paid into a third party account we must have written authorisation first.  At the end of each full working week your timesheet must be submitted by Monday and your wages will be paid into your bank by BACS and cleared by that Friday.  If you do not have a bank account a cheque will be made out to you.

I don’t have a bank account – what should I do?

To open a bank account you must provide the bank with the three originals of the following:

Proof of address
A full driving licence
Utility bill less than 3 months old
Photocard Driving licence
Council tax bill less than 3 months old
Letter from the Inland Revenue with a notice of coding less than 6 months old

• Identification
Full Driving Licence
Photocard driving licence
Current Passport
European ID card
DSS child benefit book
DWP Income support giro or jobseekers allowance giro
DWP/Inland Revenue invitation letter with NI number less than 6 months old
Council tax bill less than 3 months old

How will you send out my payslip?

Each week you will have a payslip informing you of your tax and national insurance 
contribution paid and your gross and net pay.  This will be sent first class post each 
Wednesday or it can be emailed to you following written permission by you.  We will email your payslip each Wednesday and the document can only be opened by use of a secure password.  This will be sent you by post on your first week.   

When is my Holiday Pay received?

All temporary workers are entitled to 28 days (pro rata for part-time i.e 3/5th if working 
3 days per week, 4/5th if working 4 days per week)  holiday pay which MAA International 

calculates on a weekly basis.  Your holiday calendar year runs from the day you start for a full calendar year. Holiday pay is accrued as you work and is only paid out when you require them.  If you want to take a holiday and not enough holiday pay is accrued then you will be entitled to have leave without pay.  What happens if I have not taken any holidays and I leave your agency – don’t worry whatever is accrued will be paid out to you with your last wage – you don’t lose out.

Where do I send my completed approved time-sheet?

It should be faxed directly to our Fax No. 01698 262 543 or the signed time-sheet can be scanned and sent by email to or just pop it in the post to the following address: MAA Recruitment Ltd., 98 Hamilton Road, Motherwell ML1 3DG

I don’t have a time-sheet – what should I do?

Just text us at 07856 901915,  give us a ring at 01698 258600 or email us at and we will get one out to you or deliver it to your company.

Who deals with payroll queries?

Direct your questions to the Finance Manager by telephone - 01698 258 600

What is the AWR? (Agency Workers Regulation)

The Agency Workers Regulations came into effect in 2012 and as such if you work for an agency (at the same company) for 12 weeks continuously then you will receive the same pay and holidays as the permanent member of staff.  MAA will write to you to confirm that this has taken place and what (if any) new rate will be confirmed along with your new  holiday accrual rate.

What is an umbrella company?

This is a third party company that agencies put their temporary workers through to calculate wages. For many this is a tax avoidance scheme and we would only put a candidate forward for this scheme should they pass the rigorous test of the Inland Revenue rules.   Under no circumstances would be recommend an umbrella company to a candidate nor would we make them use an umbrella company, this would be entirely up to the temporary candidate.  The majority of our temporary candidates are paid on a PAYE basis where full tax and national insurance is deducted from gross wages and paid to the Inland Revenue and NO expenses are added back.  We pride in the fact that we are compliant with the Inland Revenue rules and regulations.  For more details please get in touch with our offices.

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